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Mozilla Common Voice We've updated DeepSpeech Frontend to enable better transcriptions using Mozilla DeepSpeech! From simplifying Voice Activity Detection to changing our weights to make the best use of the new voice model in DeepSpeech 0.5.1, this update significantly improves the accuracy of text generated by DeepSpeech Frontend.

If you want to help Mozilla in their quest to improve open source speech transcription, check out Common Voice, a project to build quality data that trains Mozilla DeepSpeech, Mozilla TTS and more!

The Machine Learning Group at Mozilla Research also blogs about progress on DeepSpeech, Opus and other Machine Learning enabled endeavors.

We wish you a happy & safe Halloween, if you are in the Queen Anne neighborhood say hi to Scott & Kyle who volunteered as crossing guards this fine afternoon!

Queen Anne Chamber

Capitol Hill Business Alliance Logo with Streetscapes drawing of Capitol Hill

Help us build the Capitol Hill Business Alliance by attending this great event on November 7th at Union Bar. Hope to meet you soon!

Image by Phil Gibbs under CC-BY-2.0

Our mission is to ensure everything we do at Accelerate Networks is ethical. As part of our mission to operate in an ethical, environmentally friendly manner, almost every phone we deploy is refurbished.

Phones arrive at our client businesses with little to no packaging (often in reusable totes or recyclable cardboard boxes), whereas a new phone arrives with 4 medium & large bubble wrap envelopes and 3 plastic bags containing various parts, which are nearly impossible to properly recycle.

Grandstream GXP2170 Front

The practical difference for our clients is minimal, refurbished phones are visually identical to brand new phones, we offer the exact same 1 year warranty on this hardware, and the client ends up with little to no waste after upgrading their phone system.

What happens to the phone systems we replace? Old phone systems and PBXes contain lead solder and other heavy metals that need to be properly disposed of, while cabling can be coated in lead paint and be considered hazardous waste. We dispose of old systems through eCycle Washington certified recyclers, evaluate whether old cabling is potentially coated in lead paint, and seek to safely retire in place or responsibly remove and dispose of said wiring.

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Connect with us in a great setting at Power Connect: East tomorrow night! We would love to meet you, and like other Power Connect events its sure to be a blast.

While its sad to see community institutions like the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce wind down, we are excited to participate in the Capitol Hill Business Alliance!

Mingle with us on Tuesday October 8th as we warmly welcome the CHBA into our community!

We're excited to see you at Power Connect North and the preceding Snohomish County Business Roundtable at First Financial Northwest Bank on October 2nd!

Join us for a fun afternoon with the Greater Seattle Business Alliance, including a raffle, drinks and snacks for all to enjoy (at no cost). Don't forget to register for these events!

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One of our favorite clients, Camp #Octothorpe, recently made the trip to Burning Man!

A core tenant of Burning Man is to bring interactive art, in Camp #Octothorpe’s case they have built a performant game of telephonic chance, where phones ring on playa and people who otherwise wouldn’t speak are connected at random, forming new connections and experiences along the way.

This year Camp #Octothorpe was able to handle an impressive 131,000 minutes of calls across nearly 9000 calls on our platform, quite a feat given Burning Man lasts but a week!

Publications including the Reno Gazette Journal, Art Predator and many Redditors made this project vibrant and consistently popular.

Camp #Octothorpe has also worked to be accessible worldwide, letting people call using WebRTC right from their website, bypassing traditional middlemen to bring high quality, Opus audio to the playa! Check out their Facebook for the latest on their future adventures.

We seek to provide a convenient, easy to use communications platform for our clients, and upstream our improvements to existing software as part of our mission to be a good member of the libre software community.

As part of that goal, we've upstreamed code into FusionPBX and documented features and added push support to FreeSWITCH to enable better support for Android & iOS users.

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