VoIP – Is it for you?

Photo by Bruno Cantuária

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It uses broadband Internet for communications, and where a conventional landline is analog, VoIP is digital. Using the internet to make phone calls comes with a variety of benefits, such as affordability, flexibility, portability, and convenience.

Affordability - The basic service for VoIP calling much less expensive than a traditional analog phone line, and is packed with features that are usually expensive “extras” from the phone company. As an example, basic business phone service does not come with voicemail. With VoIP, you might not see any extra fees since VoIP providers usually give customers every feature available in every plan offered, for a set price.

Flexibility - We provide your office phone(s) of choice, whether corded, or cordless. However, if you do not want to upgrade your phones, it is possible to use traditional handsets as long as you have a converter that will allow your analog phones to use Internet-based calling. Also, it is possible to keep your current business phone number when switching to VoIP, or get as many phone numbers as you need for your staff. VoIP service is often based on a per-user price, meaning you have the flexibility of using just a single number for your business or using several numbers where each employee has his or her own line.

Portability - The average businessperson who is traveling, whether near or far, used to need a mobile phone for travel and a landline for office calls. Some businesses have given up the landline completely in favor of smartphones, but VoIP has made it even easier to get calls anywhere. As long as you are near a broadband connection, you can log into the VoIP phone system and get a dial tone. With VoIP portability, patients, clients, or customers do not need to make multiple calls to reach someone at your business. They dial one number, and they will reach you wherever you are – and you can answer from virtually anywhere, too.

Convenience - VoIP allows you a flexible approach to setting up your business phone system, and there are several convenient features that could make your life much easier and efficient. For example, a call-follow feature that will find you, so you can answer calls rather than missing them. Additionally, VoIP makes it easy to set up video calling and conference calling. A user-friendly interface for conducting conference calls makes it much easier to get everyone on the call without hassle or accidental hang-ups.

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