Unwanted Sales Calls, Part One

Photo by Pixabay  

{This is for our customers, their families, friends, and everyone they know.}

Unwanted sales calls and robocalls (a recorded caller), are voice call spam and can be irritating time-wasters. In 2003, the Federal Trade Commission, the branch of the U.S. Government for consumer protection, set up a remedy for public use that is FREE.

The “Do Not Call Registry” was set up for residential users and will stop most sales calls even to cellphones. (Part Two is help for business users.) It is easy to do on a website, DoNotCall.gov, or toll-free number: 1-888-382-1222 (TTY: 1-866-290-4236) from the phone number you wish to register. Did I mention it is FREE?

Designed to reduce telemarketing calls to consumers, it will not stop illegal, debt collection, political, charitable, informational calls, or surveys. But if you are called illegally and report it, the caller can be fined thousands of dollars for each call.

While this will not stop all calls, if you are still getting calls that are not in the above-mentioned categories, they are likely a scam. If you feel it might be a scam, hang up without pressing any buttons. Legitimate businesses follow the rules, and it is likely that you would not want to give your money or time to those that do not. Businesses that have a relationship with you can call, until you ask them to stop. Once you register, the number stays on the registry until you cancel it, or change numbers.

There are other options for residential users, but this is a good first step. Thank you for being an AccelerateNetworks customer.