Ethernet, or Wi-Fi: Which is better for your business?

Photo by Victor Santos

As early as 2009, there was concern about the overuse of Wi-Fi for business communications. To understand the potential problem, check for available Wi-Fi connections on a phone or computer. If you are in a small office, you may think you do not need ethernet, but if you see many networks available, you are probably better off running an ethernet cable to provide stable connectivity. When many Wi-Fi networks are available, it is known as a High-Density Area.

Wi-Fi is a radio signal, sent over-the-air. These signals can be filtered, or interfered with by many things: electrical panels, microwave ovens, radios, cell phones and other Wi-Fi enabled devices, network security controls, and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Similar to the picture above, the signals can also be overwhelmed by competing WAPs (Wireless Access Points), or by overloading the capabilities of the network hardware.

Conclusion? It depends on where you are located, what is nearby, how you use your devices, how many devices are on your network, the infrastructure of your building, and the hardware you are using. Sometimes, just upgrading your wireless router may be all that is needed to provide stable connectivity without running ethernet cabling.

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