How we reuse hardware, reducing cost & environmental impact

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Repeat Image by Phil Gibbs under CC-BY-2.0

Our mission is to ensure everything we do at Accelerate Networks is ethical. As part of our mission to operate in an ethical, environmentally friendly manner, almost every phone we deploy is refurbished.

Phones arrive at our client businesses with little to no packaging (often in reusable totes or recyclable cardboard boxes), whereas a new phone arrives with 4 medium & large bubble wrap envelopes and 3 plastic bags containing various parts, which are nearly impossible to properly recycle.

Grandstream GXP2170 Front

The practical difference for our clients is minimal, refurbished phones are visually identical to brand new phones, we offer the exact same 1 year warranty on this hardware, and the client ends up with little to no waste after upgrading their phone system.

What happens to the phone systems we replace? Old phone systems and PBXes contain lead solder and other heavy metals that need to be properly disposed of, while cabling can be coated in lead paint and be considered hazardous waste. We dispose of old systems through eCycle Washington certified recyclers, evaluate whether old cabling is potentially coated in lead paint, and seek to safely retire in place or responsibly remove and dispose of said wiring.